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Start reading below for the first steps on the journey. Everyone gets pain and injuries. They are a part of living. However, too many people have ongoing pain that interrupts their lifeand stops them from living the life they had planned. Pain that persists affects about 1 in 5 people all over the world. We read a lot of stories from people in pain, and we read the same things that people in pain find online too.

We also read the comments on stories and products for people in pain ouch!! We see not only the hurt of pain, but the hurt of not being heard, believed or genuinely helped and supported with persisting pain. People in pain search for health information online. What I gather from these comments is how often these concepts are poorly communicated and how painful words can be.

Pain is NOT in your headbut knowing about your brain and nervous system, how pain works as a protector for you and how that applies to your life, is critical for you to get back to living well again. Helping people to recover from persisting pain is a new and specialized area of science. Inside and outside the clinic, they care about and respect people living with pain. As we grow, we wish to include stories that are co-authored by people in pain, so that we can bring more patient voices to the forefront of the discussions about pain.

It will be a marker of our success to create a community in which everyone can express what is important to them and contribute to our understanding of this problem. You can check out our advisory board of patient advocates and world-leading researchers.

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Upon initially stumbling upon this site, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount and variety of information. Where should you begin? What are the resources you need to understand your pain and move towards recovery? The way we organize the information and resources is a work in progress. It will grow and adapt to user input and feedback. For now, we have broken down the content we provide into 4 broad : Health careLifestyleBody and Mind. We might expand as our pool of content grows.

Need more help? Here are some topics that, based on our research and experience, we feel people commonly seek guidance on. Are concerned that the back pain that has been gnawing at you for weeks or months could be something serious, like cancer? Or that you might need surgery? Is your back pain getting you so worried that you think you might need to the emergency room?

Severe Back Pain?

The most hearttouching chatting that will make you cry.

Only 3 Reasons to Visit the Emergency Room. You might have heard that exercise is important for recovery. Do you feel alone in your struggle with persistent pain? Furthermore, it is unfortunately all too common for people in pain to report that their health care providers were dismissive of their symptoms and the impact pain is having on their lives. Perhaps you can find something helpful in the following posts:. There are many types of medications with a bewildering variety of effects. A lot of research is being conducted on new medications that can help people in pain.

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Pain interrupts lives. Pain pills do help many people carry on with life, but they also have long-term side effects and present problems of their own. Recently, the social and legislative changes that have happened to restrict access to medications are negatively affecting people who have used prescription medication to keep living meaningful lives. The current climate surrounding pain medication access is one in which no one is winning. Both the fear driving the change and the anger in response to it are understandable. Here at PainChats, we have tried to take a nuanced position on the topic of pain medication that takes into the reality that they ease suffering and increase quality of life for many people.

We do so while also considering their risks and limitations.


We will be elaborating on our position regarding pain medication in upcoming posts. Lower back pain is one of the most common pain problems that cause people to visit their health care professionals. You can up to receive helpful information direct to your inbox, and share it with other people you know who may also have problems. We sincerely hope that we can provide useful information to you through this site.

People who are living with this condition experience pain and other symptoms that can often defy our ability to make sense of, and certainly make it very hard to give any certain reason or diagnosis for the experience. It also makes it very hard for us to write advice that we can recommend with strong conviction will be effective for you. Would you like to tell us more about your experienceand what kind of information and help you need?

We are working on resources that will thoroughly outline our position on the unique status of fibromyalgia and provide practical, up-to-date information.

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Use the contact form to reach our inboxand we will take it from there! Get Low Back Pain. Recovery from chronic pain IS possible for you Get new ideas delivered to your inbox every week. Up Here.

Chat rooms in Hurt

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