How do u want your life

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This article will show you the direction to living a life full of passion and purpose while achieving important goals.

How To Find What Your Passion Is In 5 Minutes - Sadhguru - Motivational Video For Success - MOI 2019

The tricky part: connecting the dots between what we want and how to achieve those things. Laying down a step-by-step framework provides a pathway between the two, revealing how to get what you want in life by embracing change. The process of reinvention often begins with a sense of dissatisfaction.

The first step is to look inward — identifying your true self and the path that will bring you towards your ideal vision for your life. I truly believe that every person has a purpose in life. You have to learn how to figure out who you are first. From a young age, outside pressure — whether from our friends, family, or society — causes us to lose touch with our inner passions and what we really want out of life.

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It takes some self-discovery and reflection to discover what you really love and connect that with how to serve others to help define your purpose. I suggest writing some of your ideas and random thoughts down to gain insight to help define your purpose. Ask yourself the following questions to begin the process:.

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Long term goals refer to those dreams we hold in our hearts. They begin as aspirations and whispers of hope, but they become real when you decide to take action. Long term goals can relate to your career, like starting a business or changing your profession.

Perhaps you have personal aspirations in mind like traveling the world or becoming a mentor. Hint: Most of Us Don't. Grab our FREE cheat sheet today. Drop your below. You might look to accomplished people and wonder if they have superhuman strengths. Studying highly successful people increases your chances of achieving goals by developing specific strategies.

Whether it means managing finances wisely, regular exercise, learning how to identify your strengthsstaying centered when nothing goes rightor knowing how to get back on tracklearn the habits of successful people for actionable ways to live a successful life.

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Our brains switch focus every 40 seconds or lessand sometimes it feels impossible to make progress towards our goals. Self-motivation requires that you believe in yourself, stay inspired, and push forward despite setbacks.

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At first, you might go full throttle. But often our most important goals take months, even years, to accomplish. Over time, you will likely experience lulls in motivation. When you choose to create the life you want, it means letting go of what no longer serves you — toxic relationships, unfulfilling jobs, unhealthy lifestyles. When change happens, it can seem like the end of a chapter in a book.

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As you enter into a new chapter, the transition often feels confusing, uncertain, or even scary. It takes time to find your way. You have to learn how to build resilience to stay strong during these difficult times. Knowing how to manage this middle period will help you navigate through a confusing transition.

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Discover how to refocus your life and cultivate mental toughness when you feel the pull of a new direction through strategies such as:. My definition of becoming a badass is living a true, strong, and focused life. Hi there, I'm Lyn.

My purpose is to support you to earn a living and live your life by doing what inspires you.

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How do u want your life

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7 Steps to Create the Life You Want, Starting Today