I prefer big girls

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Apr 14, confidenceCurvy Girls 25 comments. Why do men like curvy women? Most men when asked are not impressed by those skinny models in magazines that we see as perfect? Thinking I was overweight and a lot bigger than my friends. Truth is I was a size 10 with a stomach that I would now give my right arm for!

When I had my son I gained about fifty pounds, and ok quite a bit has come off, but not all of it. The thing that also changed my mind about missing the skinny me was that men were still hitting on me. I was a little shocked about it all, but I finally got a male friend to fess up and tell me why he liked curves. Why do men like curvy women you ask?

Make note here, ladies, use those boobs to your advantage! In the history of rock and roll, there has never been a song about a flat butt. My butt was pretty cute when I was thin, but it really grew and rounded out when I put on a few pounds. I thought for sure it was going to make men move along to the next girl, but I was wrong. In fact, I got more compliments on my bigger butt than I did on my tiny perky butt. Although I miss my perky little rear, I do like the compliments. Curvy women are softer and men like to be the strong, hard ones in a relationship.

I prefer men with weight for one main reason: I hate having bruised thighs after sleeping with a man. Plus food can be sexy! I watched a youtube video the other day where this curvy lady wears her underwear to cook, and now gets paid a fortune to cook in her pants! She is hot, and has millions on make followers.

There not watching Mary Berry in the same way — just think Nigella! Men also like curvy women because, generally, they look younger. I got told the other day I looked thirty two. My round cheeks play a big role in looking younger. Another one of the main reasons men like curvy women is actually biological and subconscious. Men associate wide hips and large breasts with fertility, they always have. A woman with curves was said to be good for child bearing and men associate curves with that notion.

I had friend who once told me that her boyfriend confessed he was afraid of hurting her in sex. He would rather put her on a shelf like a little china doll and not touch her. She was very skinny. All of the old, classic statues and paintings had women with curves. From ancient Greece to the Renaissance, women who had large, cellulite thighs and chubby arms were considered beautiful. There are a few reasons for this. Food is a of health.

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Food is also a of wealth being able to buy food and all. It has been proven that during times of economic depression or repression more men preferred curvy women, because in their mind, they associate it with health and wealth. I have known men to be genuinely turned off by skinny women because it is a of immaturity to them.

The point is, no matter what your weight or size, there is always someone out there who finds it attractive. So, instead of worrying about needing to lose weight or worrying about needing to gain weightappreciate your body as it is.

Ah I love men like you Ken, there is someone for everyone and we all have different types. I wish everyone felt like you, its a sad world that we lilve when women all want to be super skinny but I blame social media and magazines. Hi, Its not an easy thing to do especially if you dislike your bodyshape or size. However there are absolutely some simple things you can do that will help you feel more confident in your body and style. Understanding which colours, shapes and styles flatter you is the first thing I do with any client.

Colour can have such a positive impact on our mindset as well as how we are seen by others — so get your colours done. You are never too young to do this. Find out what your bodyshape is, look at what parts you like and dislike — we all have bits we are not keen on. The trick is trying to dress the bits we do so that the focus is on them.

I bet your gorgeous, most of what we worry about is down to our confidence. I would love to help you more, could we arrange a Style Session over zoom? I help clients all over the world, thanks to Zoom! Natasha xx. Dont worry about your size. I wear a size Men love a woman with some meat on her bones.

If you got it, flaunt it. Just be happy, dress how you like and be you.

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I knew something was wrong with me. Rebecca, I apologise if you felt disheartened reading this blog. This is one of a hundred blogs I have written about all sizes and shapes of women so please dont judge yourself by this blog. My clients range from a size 6 — 32, so I am very much a real women stylist and please dont think otherwise. All shapes and sizes are beautiful, and I know for sure that there is nothing wrong with you. Please dont be so hard on yourself, and once again Im sorry if this blog has upset you, if was done in support of my curvier clients.

Curvy women are the sexiest kind of women imo. They also seem to enjoy life more and are less judgmental in my experience. They can keep the flat ass all rib and bones women. Give me curves all day long. Changed weight or shape?

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Have you asked him how he feels about your bodyshape? In my experience its often the women who are worried about their change of appearance and lack confidence in their bodies not the men, the men are usually more than happy with their partners! Go by how you feel, if you want to change your body then find a way that works for you and that you enjoy, but dont do it for anyone else but you. Thank you so much for this. This so inspiring. I am loving myself more now, I used to have friends that obsessed with skinny idols, and basically they said it was beauty standard.

And someday they critized my body too faar. I was really hurt that time, and starting to looking for a healthier friendship and accepting me, and my curve. All I have to do now just keep my body helathy and fit. Why Men Really do like Curvy Women! More booty In the history of rock and roll, there has never been a song about a flat butt. No bruised thighs I prefer men with weight for one main reason: I hate having bruised thighs after sleeping with a man. They look younger Men also like curvy women because, generally, they look younger. Ken Knight on 20th February at pm.

I love curvy women for all of the above reasons. Sylvia Novella Underwood on 20th April at am. Natasha xx Reply. Jeanette Reese on 15th June at am. If you got it, flaunt it Reply. Absolutley agree. Well Said Jeanette. Elizabeth on 1st September at am. Just be happy, dress how you like and be you Reply. Love how others are being so supportive to each other, well done x. Rebecca on 24th August at am. Emmanuel on 2nd March at pm.

I adore curvy and plus size women because they are very sexy and attractive.

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Brian R. Give me curves all day long Reply. Lovely comments Brian, thank you So lovely to see all these positive comments Reply. Yvonne on 14th June at am. This article has made me feel so good about myself. Thank you Reply. Ah Im so pleased, thanks Yvonne xx Reply. Pip on 26th July at am. Very interesting. Great post Reply. Dont be embarrased, embrace your shape with confidence and own it! Keith holly on 23rd August at pm. I like all shapes of women.

Wendy Riden on 20th September at pm. Nadhin on 8th October at am. Please to Comment. Search for:. Pick a Pocket Carefully! This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thank you.

I prefer big girls

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Yes, Plenty Of Men Do Love Big Girls