Nerd looking for friend

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About a year ago, I moved to a new city where I knew approximately none people. Starting from scratch was a daunting prospect, but with a bit of inspiration from some wee humans, I figured out a few things along the way that helped me… and might help you, too. In fact, a group of nerdy strangers who met up for Camp Nerd Fitness last year might normally tell you that they suck at making friends. Turns out, they just needed to be in the right atmosphere:. Check out meetup.

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My belly sticks out, too! Or what about these, set at… say, Camp Nerd Fitness :. In my post about small talkI described the disarming power of quirkiness.

17 Signs You're The NERDY Friend - Markian

The same principle totally applies here. We get so used to the rote, scripted nature of human interaction that when someone dares to shake things up—to say the nice! If this feels like way too assertive an approach for you, here are some lines that are a bit more passive, but still employ the same disarming tactic:. It might feel weird, just ask. Use your 20 seconds of courage! The lessons we first learned as children about the importance of being considerate are just as relevant to us today, perhaps even more so.

This means every time a potential friend puts you on his or her calendar, he or she is actively choosing and prioritizing you over lots of other stuff. Remember that the sandbox in Lesson 1 works both ways: Are you considering their likes and dislikes when you hang out? You might be indifferent between jogging and cycling, but how does your friend feel?

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Maybe they prefer small groups, or talk-free activities like movies or paintball? A little bit of consideration goes a long way, and sets a wonderful foundation on which to build together. In the early days of friendship, not every hangout will be a non-stop festival of laughter and merriment. Conversely, continue to invite people you hope to become better friends with!

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Ramit did a fantastic job writing about social anxiety cures last week. Wait a minute. Challenges… attempts… successes… improvement? This is a classic level-up story! How cool to see that as Rebels level up their physical fitness, they also begin to uncover other dimensions of fitness—social, emotional, romantic—that they feel motivated to attain.

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And how important to remember that whatever our current challenges are, whatever our goals or struggles, other people are feeling the exact same things. Who knows, your future best friend might be one of them! PS from Steve: Just a reminder! Make sure you are ed up for the Camp Nerd Fitness interest list. How do you level up from mere acquaintances to actual buddies? Be the one who does. Do the thing! Wanna be all fancy and exchange info in case we ever have an extra ticket for something? I might even help you win.

Shall we do the thing where we exchange contact info? Unless your name really is Lindsay. Lesson 3: Mind your Ps and Qs The lessons we first learned as children about the importance of being considerate are just as relevant to us today, perhaps even more so. Be a good friend: Show up on time.

Silence and holster your cell phone. Hold the door open. Offer the seat with the better view. Applaud like hell after any and all karaoke performances.

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What do you think? What strategies have you employed to make new friends? What do you most struggle with? Site up URL. up Post ID.

Nerd looking for friend

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