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Some of our most successful meetings have happened over a tasty meal at a favorite local restaurant but dining while deal making comes with its challenges! When do you start talking shop? Arrive about 15 minutes early to ensure you can start your meeting on time and also to get be sure you have a good table with minimal noise.

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Be sure to pick a seat that faces the door so you can keep an eye out for your guests and make a quick note of where the restrooms are if you need to make a brief, graceful exit. This is also a good time to take a few minutes to go over your meeting objective, which le us to….

Ideally, you already know what you want to get out of this lunch.

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Are you looking for a new business opportunity? Following up on the status of a project? Pick the one or two things you want to have discussed at this meeting and focus on those being well executed.

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A restaurant lunch is not the place for a laundry list of action items to review so stay focused on a few narrow goals. For example, it works well to stick to social topics and catch up on travel and general personal details while you have drinks and order.

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Sal are always a good choice, as are any combo of a few smaller appetizers that already come in tiny bites. If there are action items you need to take away, review them while plates are cleared and the check arrives.

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A few minutes at the table by yourself post-meeting can be helpful planning time for you to jot a few notes you may not have had time to during the meeting. Enjoy this meeting! Not being in an office setting is a great way to further business relationships and develop your professional tool kit.

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To keep the momentum going, send a quick or text the same day to thank your guest for their time and reiterate any action items you discussed. Great follow-up is just as important as the meeting itself and gives you one more opportunity to demonstrate your awesome professionalism and organizational skills! Finally, enjoy your meeting! February 2, Log In Good to see you again.

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