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At Yoga8 there's beauty in imperfection, come and practice in our judgement free zone. We offer a variety of classes for yoga, barre, and tone. This two-hour workshop will include education on the chakra system and a yoga and breathwork practice to put that learning into practice. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of students.

Check out our new FQA to learn about our COVID protocols, the differences between in-studio and online classes, how to book a class, about our memberships and multiple locations, and other commonly asked questions. Go to our schedule to easily purchase classes and book your spot. Additionally, you download the Mindbody appwhich allows users to connect to businesses who use the Mindbody platform Yoga8 will automatically be added to your favorites. This is a judgement free environment where we find beauty in imperfection.

We care about pushing your endurance to new limits and challenging you to become the best version of yourself. Hot yoga towel for your mat during heated classes a regular towel is suggested if you do not have a hot yoga towel. Depending on your personal goals and objectives the following guide could vary are you seeking yoga to add to your current workout regime or to replace your workout regime.

This guide is a good starting point but we encourage a consultation with our instructors. If seeking weight loss from practicing yoga, a low fat diet is suggested for faster. To achieve increased flexibility, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, detoxify internal organs, help recover from an injury or illness.

To achieve increased fitness levels, strength, tone, flexibility, cardiovascular, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, detoxify, ultimate mental peace.

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To achieve substantial increase in fitness levels, strength, tone, flexibility, cardiovascular, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, detoxify, ultimate mental peace, mastery of poses. Yoga8 suggests a minimum of three sessions a week, although yoga should be practice daily.

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A little yoga every day is better than one long yoga session. Studio space rental available for workshops and events. Enrollment All students must purchase our packages and classes through our website, then book a class to reserve your spot in that class. We are very excited to have you a part of our studio, we do want to let you know that we do not offer extensions, refunds or transfers on classes or YoPaks packages.

Feel free to if you have any questions regarding this. Should you wish to cancel your unlimited auto draft membership at any time, you can do so by giving 30 days notice in writing. Please info yogaeight. If unable to cancel online please call the studio to deregister your spot and we will cancel your spot for you. Leave a message or text if no-one answers. Now that all the fine print is over, lets get to the fun stuff come play with us! Healing Yoga is a restorative style yoga focused on slow stretches and mindful breathing creating mental clarity and space in the body.

This class is very low impact and requires very little stamina. Warm yin takes the postures from the yin practice and is performed in a warmer space. Yin is meant to be practiced in a colder room but that can be hard for the really stiff body. The warm room allows for the body to settle in a little quicker and feels gentler on the body due to the warmth. Yin yoga works deep into the connective tissues to activate change at that deepest level.

Yin is a fantastic way to increase or maintain flexibility as it focuses on the areas around the ts. In the long run, it will lubricate ts, release the fascia of the body, increase flexibility and positively affect your yang practice. Hatha Basics is a great class that introduces some of the main stream poses in the practice of yoga. Hatha Basis combines postures asanas with conscious breathing and focus to develop strength, flexibility and mental clarity. Students can expect to develop body awareness and explore varied postures in a mixed-level environment. This class is a nice practice for anyone new to yoga or experienced yogis who want to sharpen their alignment and skills.

This class has a slow to moderate pace so you will learn the fundamental yoga asanas poses and principles that create a successful and effective yoga practice. A Vinyasa Flow features asanas postures that are linked with the breath with very little rest between postures. It also incorporates use of drishtis, Sanskrit terminology, binds, longer holds, inversions and arm balances. The majority of the class is focused on linking breath with movement, but advanced postures may be workshopped throughout.

The Vinyasa class combines the internal benefits of yoga while getting a great workout deed to build your endurance, strength, flexibility and confidence as you flow through a series of asanas poses. New yogis may enjoy taking a Hatha Basics or Hatha Flow class to become familiar with basic asanas poses and lingo.

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We will be moving fairly fast. Be prepared to sweat. Hatha Flow will break down the postures and alignment of mainstream poses and then start to link the breath with movement. This class has more movement than the Hatha Basics class but is not as rigorous as a Vinyasa Flow class.

This is a great class for all levels. All the perks of a standard Vinyasa Flow class just adding in a little extra heat. The warm classes are performed in 80 - 95 degree room temperature. The heat allows for the body to go deeper quicker and to create the sopping wet sweat. It is oh soooooo good. Bring a towel and hydrate before you come to class.

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The class includes breathing exercises, a standing series and a floor series. Classes are set to music and are suitable for all levels. A towel and water is a must. Please come to class well hydrated. All the perks of a standard Hatha Flow class just adding in a little extra heat.

The warm classes are performed in 90 - 95 degree room temperature. Change does not happen in your comfort zone and this class will take you out of your comfort zone no matter your fitness level. Kick Ur Asana is not your average yoga class.

Kick Ur Asana infuses yoga poses, gymnastics conditioning, plyometrics, functional movements at high intensity, and learning how to find comfort in discomfort. This class sounds intimidating but do not let that stop you. Just like all of our classes, this is YOUR practice. You can always rest when needed and if certain postures are not accessible we offer modifications. This class is deed to bring you to failure and ready for a nice peaceful savasana.

Some yoga experience is suggested but not required. Same great class as our standard Hot class but for 75 minutes instead of 60 mins.

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Curl up in your own aerial hammock and explore your yoga from a new elevation, take flight. Aerial Yoga offers authentic yoga, with the support of a silk hammock to explore, refine, and advance traditional yoga positions, both in the air and the ground. This unique form of yoga is a total body workout, increases strength, improves circulation, reduces stress because it is so much funlengthens the spine, increase range of motion, improves memory, aids digestion and is a ton of fun.

Prerequisite Needed A one-time Aerial Yoga Workshop is required before you take Aerial Yoga classes, the 75 minute prerequisite is offered several times a the month—check the Schedule to reserve a spot. Special Cancellation Policy There is a strict hour cancellation policy or you will be charged for the class— his policy is only for this speciality class. Sweat, Heat, and Beatz is a weekly vinyasa style class where the focus is on alignment, breath and having a fun flow!

Students are encouraged to practice according to their own skill level and flexibility. Rock those bigger more challenging poses, or just kick back, modify and drop into the meditative aspect of your practice.

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Class is led to an upbeat and fun playlist. Come prepared to have fun and laugh. Are ready to have some fun? All levels welcomed! It is Friday and it is time to let loose and not take life so seriously. This 90 minute class is deed to get the body warmed up and flowing for the first 45 minutes and the second 45 minutes will be filled with play time.

Your play time! Whatever you would like to work on. The instructor will ask at the beginning of class what poses you would like to work on and warm you up to properly practice those poses. This can be any pose you want to practice; it can be a tree pose to the almighty handstand. The instructor will share their time with each student assisting, teaching and guiding each student to their dream pose. It is kind of like a private yoga session in a group setting. Come have fun with us.

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